Volumetric Lighting

Enhance Your Environment

RT5™ volumetric recessed lighting from Lithonia Lighting is a new standard in fluorescent lighting. RT5 luminaries provide volumetric lighting, filling the entire volume of space with just the right amount of light throughout a room. This makes RT5 an ideal solution for offices, schools, hospitals, retail, and other workspaces. RT5 produces a softer, more comfortable light, truly enhancing the environment. 

Creates Visual Harmony

By providing an even distribution of soft light, RT5 volumetric lighting makes workspaces more attractive and facial features more lively and well-defined. They also eliminate the glare and dark spots associated with parabolics, so the environment is more comfortable. 

Improves Overall Asthetics

Thanks to their unique design, RT5 fixtures improve the aesthetics of any room by creating an unprecedented combination of volumetric lighting and a quiet ceiling. The fixture itself, with its measured proportions and elegant lines, is also pleasing to the eye, without drawing undue attention.

Reduces Energy Consumption

Due to its high-quality components and optimized fixture design, the RT5 fixture is an extremely efficient luminaire that’s good for the environment. It delivers the right amount of light, while providing up to 33% savings in energy over a standard 18-cell, three-lamp T8 parabolic.