Track Lighting FAQ

  • Can you suspend track lighting?

    You can suspend most track lighting systems by using a rigid pendant stem or by cable suspension. There are also adapters for sloped ceiling applications. Click here to learn more about the Juno Track Systems and various mounting options.
  • What are the three types of track lighting?

    The three main types of track lighting are H-Type, L-Type, and J-Type. The differences between the three track types are the number of wires and the shape of the buss bars (what connects the power to the track fixture). H-Type is a 3-wire system with three thin, flat buss bars. L-Type and J-Type are 2-wire systems with two cylindrical buss bars.
  • How do I change track lighting?

    Since power is already in place, an electrician can easily update your track lighting by swapping out the old track stick for a new one. A simple track fixture replacement can also update and modernize the look. If replacing fixtures, be sure that the fixture adapter is compatible for the existing track system.