BLT Series

Low-Profile Recessed LED Luminaire

By Lithonia Lighting

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Size 1x2, 1x4, 2x2, 2x4
Shape Rectangular, Square
Light Source LED - Static
Dynamic Feature Not Applicable
Lumens 1000 LM, 1500 LM, 2000 LM, 3000 LM, 3300 LM, 4000 LM, 4600 LM, 4800 LM, 6000 LM, 7200 LM, 8500 LM, 10,000 LM, 12,000 LM
CCT / LED Color 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K, 5000 K
CRI 80, 90
Product Type Troffer
Compliance Listing BAA, Chicago Plenum, DLC Premium, DLC Standard, Low UGR
Environmental Listing Dry Location, IP5X
Regulatory Listing CSA
Dimming Protocol 0-10V, Digital
Fixture Wattage 11.7, 12, 13.6, 14.1, 14.4, 14.9, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4, 16.6, 18, 21.5, 21.6, 21.7, 21.9, 23, 23.2, 23.3, 23.7, 24.7, 25, 25.6, 26.7, 27, 28.3, 28.5, 28.8, 29.5, 29.9, 30.4, 30.8, 31.7, 32.4, 33.1, 33.7, 34.5, 35, 35.9, 36, 37.1, 37.9, 38, 39, 39.4, 41.1, 41.6, 43.6, 43.7, 44.2, 45.2, 45.4, 47.6, 49.2, 53, 61, 63, 74, 8, 95, 99
Voltage Rating 57VDC, 120, 277, 347, DC2DC 57VDC
Color White
Mounting Type Recessed
Series 2BLT2, 2BLT4, BLT2, BLT4, BLT

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  • Spec Sheets

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-1X2 1'X2' BLT Troffer 6/13/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-1X4.pdf 1'X4' BLT Troffer 11/9/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-20X4.pdf 20"X4' BLT Troffer 3/8/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-2X2.pdf 2'X2' BLT Troffer 11/14/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-2X4.pdf 2'X4' BLT Troffer 11/9/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-300x1200.pdf 300MMX1200MM BLT Troffer 3/7/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-500X1200 600X1200.pdf 500MMX1200MM & 600MMX1200MM BLT Troffer 2/28/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-600X600.pdf 600MMX600MM BLT Troffer 2/28/2022 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-DC2DC.pdf 1'X4', 2'X2', 2'X4' BLT Troffer for DC2DC Architecture 7/11/2023 View
    SPEC SHEET BLT-Switchable.pdf (Discontinued) BLT ALO/SWW (Discontinued) 8/24/2021 View

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  • Spectral Data Sheets

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    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Spectral Data Sheet SpectralDataSheet_LL_BLT_35K_80CRI.pdf BLT_35K_80CRI 11/2/2022 View
    Spectral Data Sheet SpectralDataSheet_LL_BLT_35K_90CRI.pdf BLT_35K_90CRI 9/6/2022 View
    Spectral Data Sheet SpectralDataSheet_LL_BLT_40K_80CRI.pdf BLT_40K_80CRI 10/10/2022 View
    Spectral Data Sheet SpectralDataSheet_LL_BLT_50K_80CRI.pdf BLT_50K_80CRI 1/19/2023 View
  • Technical Documents (e.g. Instruction Sheets, MSDS, CAD)

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Installation Instructions BLT Installation Instruction Rev B.pdf BLT 1X4-2X2-2X4 Troffer Recessed LED 912-00322-001 Rev. B 12/2/2020 View
    Installation Instructions DC2DC Hub Instructions Rev.A.pdf DC2DC Hub Instructions Rev.A 5/9/2023 View
    Installation Instructions SMKSH Installation Instuctions REV B.pdf Installation guide with images 8/5/2019 View
    Installation Instructions star-user-guide.pdf test star user guide 1/23/2024 View
    Material Safety Data Sheet Nicd-Sds.pdf MSDS for all Power Sentry NiCad brand battery packs 5/10/2018 View
    Material Safety Data Sheet PS1055LCP MSDS - C98- IFR26650N3000 3S1P MSDS sheet for PS1055LCP (PS10LBP) 4/13/2022 View
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  • Replacement Parts

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Replacement Part Spec Sheet BLT_Series_AC.DC_Replacement_Part Kits_7.25.23 .pdf BLT Series AC/DC Replacement Part Kits 7/27/2023 View
  • Confidential Documents

  • Marketing Material (e.g. Brochures, Sell Sheets, FAQs, )

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Application Guide BL Family Brochure for Schools Guide to Using BL Family Fixtures to Outfit a School 4/10/2020 View
    Catalogs Lithonia Lighting Commercial Indoor Guide Comparison of Key Panels, Troffers and Linear Fixtures 9/11/2020 View
    FAQ LL_487418_BLT SWW_Repurpose_0221.pdf BLT SWW Infographic 3/2/2021 View
    Sell Sheet BLT Replacement Chart.pdf BLT Replacement Chart 11/14/2016 View
    Sell Sheet BLT Sell Sheet_1220.pdf BLT Series Sell Sheet 2/2/2021 View
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