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TWX LED Wall Packs

Innovative Glass Wall Packs

The TWX LED wall pack family features a ground-up design with a low initial cost that customers demand while providing superior illumination in a traditional form.

TWX LED Wall Pack Product Specs

Compare Wall Packs - HID vs LED

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Features - TWX LED Wall Packs

TWX Optics

Advanced Optical Design 
The advanced optical design uses reflector and refractor technologies that work together to create better illumination and a further throw, getting the light where it is needed.


Adjustable Light Output (ALO) technology
Dial in the lumens you need through a rotary switch located inside of the luminaire.

TWX Color Options

Available in 4 color options 
All colors are offered in smooth or textured finish. Stocked TWX luminaires offered in textured dark bronze.

TWX LED Wall Pack Product Offerings