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Explore how nLight controls enhance Outdoor luminaires

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RSX2 LED Area Luminaire

Up to 31,000 lumens

By Lithonia Lighting

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  • Overview
  • Specifications
With up to 31,000 lumens, the RSX2 can replace up to 400W metal halide, and in some instances replace 1000W metal halide luminaires, saving up to 75% on energy costs and avoid up to eight expensive lamp changes. Coupled with nLight® AIR wireless controls, the RSX family provides enhanced end-user experiences and unmatched energy savings.

Available with eight unique mountings, the RSX is specifically designed to provide one-for-one solutions for replacing existing metal halide or high pressure sodium lighting. RSX2 luminaires provide superior illumination at prices that will allow customers to meet their financial payback thresholds.
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Light Source LED - Static
Lumens 10,000 LM, 10,100 LM, 10,300 LM, 10,500 LM, 11,000 LM, 11,100 LM, 11,300 LM, 11,600 LM, 15,700 LM, 15,900 LM, 16,100 LM, 16,500 LM, 17,200 LM, 17,400 LM, 17,700 LM, 18,100 LM, 19,800 LM, 20,000 LM, 20,300 LM, 20,900 LM, 21,700 LM, 21,800 LM, 22,000 LM, 22,300 LM, 22,800 LM, 22,900 LM, 23,100 LM, 23,400 LM, 24,000 LM, 25,000 LM, 25,100 LM, 25,300 LM, 25,700 LM, 26,000 LM, 26,100 LM, 26,400 LM, 26,700 LM, 27,500 LM, 27,600 LM, 27,900 LM, 28,300 LM, 28,600 LM, 28,700 LM, 29,000 LM, 29,400 LM, 30,200 LM, 30,300 LM, 30,700 LM, 31,100 LM, 31,900 LM
CCT / LED Color 3000 K, 4000 K, 5000 K
CRI 70
Product Type Area Light
Compliance Listing BAA
Environmental Listing IP66, Wet Location
Regulatory Listing CSA
Dimming Protocol 0-10V
Fixture Wattage 111, 146, 147, 183, 184, 187, 188, 209, 210, 242, 243, 244, 71
Voltage Rating 120, 120-277, 208, 240, 277, 347/480, 347, 480
Color Black, Bronze, Silver, White
Mounting Type Pole Mount, Tenon Slipfitter
Series RSX2

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  • Spec Sheets

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    SPEC SHEET Lithonia RSX2 Area LED.pdf RSX2 Area LED Luminaire 11/15/2021 View

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  • Technical Documents (e.g. Instruction Sheets, MSDS, CAD)

    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Installation Instructions INST SHT Accessories RSX IN-381 REV C 8 30 18.pdf Installation instruction accessories for RSX. 3/9/2022 View
    Installation Instructions INST SHT RSX LED IM-459 REV A.pdf Installation Instructions for RSX 9/11/2019 View
    Installation Instructions Repair Kits Instruction Sheet Rev. B PSL11 12 5 19.pdf Repair Kits Instruction Sheet 12/18/2019 View
    Installation Instructions WBA 2018.pdf Installation Instructions for wall bracket (WBA) 3/11/2020 View
    Templates TD-drill--8 Aeris pole drill template #8 11/20/2019 View
    Templates TD-drill--9 Aeris wall drill template #9 View
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    Document Type Document Title Description Updated View
    Brochures Comm Outdoor Lighting Portfolio Quick Reference Guide.pdf Outdoor Lighting Portfolio - Quick Reference Guide.pdf 4/15/2021 View
    Brochures nLightAIR-Outdoor-brochure-0219.pdf Wireless controls guide for outdoor luminaires 5/16/2019 View
    Brochures Outdoor Buy American Brochure Buy American Outdoor Portfolio 2/7/2022 View
    Brochures Outdoor Discretionary Stock Solutions Brochure.pdf LL Outdoor Stock Solutions Guide 9/20/2021 View
    Brochures Outdoor HID Crossover Guide LL Outdoor HID Crossover Guide 5/10/2021 View
    Brochures Outdoor Spec Product Portfolio Brochure_0221.pdf LL Outdoor Specification Solutions Guide 5/27/2021 View
    Product Presentation Lithonia RSX LED Area and Flood Complete Presentation-Customer - September 2019.pdf Lithonia RSX LED Area and Flood Customer Presentation - SEPT19 1/24/2020 View
    Product Presentation Lithonia RSX LED Area-Flood Wave 2 Launch Presentation-September 2019 - Customer.pdf RSX LED Wave 2 Launch Training Presentation - SEPT19 9/13/2019 View
    Sell Sheet RSX Contractor Sell Sheet RSX Contractor Select Sell Sheet 4/12/2021 View
    Sell Sheet RSX LED Sell Sheet_0719 RSX1/2/3/4 LED Area Luminaire Sell Sheet 9/10/2019 View
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Product Family

Lithonia Lighting

RSX LED Area Lights | Lithonia Lig...

The RSX family of LED area lights from Lithonia Lighting is designed for replacing HID lighting. These outdoor led flood lights ...

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