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RSX Family

The Highly Configurable Outdoor Solution

The RSX family of LED area and floodlight luminaires is specifically designed to provide one-for-one solutions for replacing HID lighting. RSX delivers superior illumination, energy savings, quick delivery and easy installation all with the reliability you expect from Lithonia Lighting®.


RSX LED Area Luminaires

  • Four sizes replace 70W – 1000W HID luminaires
  • 7,000 to 70,000 lumens
  • Super-efficient – up to 155 LPW
  • Save up to 75% in installation labor with the “no drill” solution
  • Made in North America

RSXF LED Floodlights

  • Four sizes replace 70W – 1500W HID luminaires
  • 7,000 to 85,000 lumens
  • Integral slipfitter with 5-degree precision aiming
  • Area wide forward optic (AWFD) for superior perimeter lighting
  • Made in North America

Mounting Configurations

The RSX family offers ten mounting options, including adjustable mounts, allowing the RSX and RSXF to be highly adaptable to existing infrastructure for trouble-free installations. With its universal mounting mechanism, this labor-saving feature can reduce installation time by up to 70%.

Photometric Distributions

The RSX family has a wide offering of both area and flood photometric distributions including a specialized automotive front row distribution and unique area-wide-forward distribution for perimeter floodlighting applications.

RSX R3 Area Lighting Distribution

  • Greater coverage
  • No wasteful hot spot
  • Better back-light control
  • 70% energy savings

Area Wide Forward Optics (AWFD)

The area wide flood optic (AWFD) in the RSXF4 is a best-in-class solution that can be used for lighting truck yards or other applications when lighting from the perimeter, pushing the light forward rather than in an equal distribution around the luminaire.

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