D-Series LED Area Luminaires

Your best choice for wider pole spacings,
superior uniformity and unmatched corner and
backlight cutoff control near property lines.

The D-Series family has been a favorite of industry professionals for use on exterior lighting projects. Now, the fully redesigned D-Series, is once again changing the game and bringing area lighting to a new level of excellence and performance. With 15 state-of-the-art optics to choose from, lighting designers have all the tools they need to effectively illuminate even the most challenging sites.

D-Series LED Area Lights


5,000 – 21,000 lumens


7,000 – 35,000 lumens


20,000 – 60,000 lumens

Distribution Patterns

Superior Backlight Control

The D-Series LED Area Lights family offers fifteen optical distributions including our unmatched Backlight Control optics that reduce light behind poles while providing excellent forward and lateral projection. Poles can be strategically placed near adjacent property or boundary lines while achieving optimal curb line results. These and the wide selection of D-Series optical distributions allows you to create a lighting design that maximizes application efficiency and minimizes light trespass.



Controls Solution

nLight® AIR Enabled Outdoor Luminaires

Using nLight® AIR wireless controls, the D-Series LED area luminaires can easily be grouped to respond to a single motion sensor detection event. This provides a superior end-user experience compared to stand-alone sensors and is the most cost-effective way to aid in energy code compliance.

Key Features
  • Embedded nLight® AIR controls do not require field assembly or additional wiring
  • Out-of-the-box motion sensing and dusk to dawn photocontrol functionality
  • From-the-ground smart phone commissioning with the CLAIRITY™ + Mobile App allows the luminaires to be wirelessly grouped such that all the luminaires in a group return to full power with a single detection event
  • Luminaire output can be trimmed to meet the needs of the end-users and neighboring sites

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